Thursday, December 23, 2010

Always Dope Holiday Party!

Pedx is bringing you the dopest holiday party in town! In conjunction with the fashion brand Yours Truly, Methods New York, License To Ill and your good friends right here at Under Sound, Pedx is throwing an Always Dope Holiday Party! This should be a really amazing event. It’s going down NEXT Wednesday, December the 29th at Sticky Rice in Baltimore’s Fells Point. It’s free admission so get down there and LIVE!

~E Major

24 Hour Karate School Part 2-Coming soon!!!

Rick Ross – RetroSuperFuture f. Wiz Khalifa (prod. Young Fyre)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Food Inc.-Documentary

This 2008 Documentary is very informative on how we obtain our food. A must-watch for all those who have not seen it.

Demand For Food Is Destroying The Earth

Demand for food is destroying the Earth
by David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Rising demand for food -- especially meat -- is taking a bigger and bigger toll on the planet, analysts are warning.

The most recent sign of trouble was the August 19 headline, "Australian mining giant launches hostile $40 billion takeover bid for world's largest potash supplier."

Potash, also known as potassium carbonate, is a mineral salt and a critical ingredient in synthetic fertilizers. Rising demand for food has led to a dramatic rise in prices for the commodity.

There is very little arable land left uncultivated on the planet, yet the world's population continues to rise -- meaning that more people must be fed from food grown on the same amount of land. Making matters even worse is the ongoing worldwide shift to a Western diet, characterized by high levels meat consumption. Since it takes 7 kilograms of grain to produce just a single kilogram of meat, this creates an even higher pressure for high crop yields -- and thus for fertilizer.

Potash can either be produced by burning down broadleaf forests, or it can be mined from pre-existing deposits in the earth. Yet these deposits are finite, and as demand for fertilizer continues to boom, they will start to dwindle.

"The potash story is very significant," said Tim Lang of City University, London. "This is an attempt at a commodity grab. The price of potash will rise and, with it, the price of food. Right now agriculture is like a junkie, hooked on things like potash and oil."

Petroleum is a critical component in producing the nitrogen that is also needed for fertilizer. But many analysts point out that there is another path to food security.

"If the challenge is about future soil fertility and human health, we can develop a system based on nutrient recycling," Lang said. "Humans need to become part of the cycle, literally, using recycled sewage to restore fertility to the land. At the moment we drain it out to sea -- it could be used to increase yield and health of crops."

Clipse - Life Change (Feat. Pharrell and Kenna) (Music Video) (HD)

Do Skills Still Matter in Hip Hop Or Is It About Gimmicks?

John Capernter's "They Live"(Movie)

This Movie is from 1988 but peep how ahead of it's time it was.

Feds Keep Watch on Warehouses for Drug Tunnels

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Los-Freedom Of Speech X Next Black President

Los "Freedom of Speech" x "Next Black President from john colombo on Vimeo.

Baltimore Stand Up!

AZ-What Is It All About [A Capella]

Download: AZ – What Is It All About [A Capella]

Just Blaze Talks About Relationshop With Jay Electronica

Nas-Snitch Alibi

Cee Lo Green - It's Ok (Official Video)

Ghostface Killah – How U Like Me Baby (Chunky) [Tags] (prod. Pete Rock)

David Banner & 9th Wonder "MAS 4"

Confirmed: Life Beyond Earth Is Still Unknown

Get Em Mamis (GEM) perform at Hip-Hop In Pink [Breast Cancer Awareness Event]

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Live In Los Angeles: The Qabalistic African Alien Agenda

Big K.R.I.T. - Can't Be All (Official Music Video)

Saigon-Get Busy

Vado- M.O.V.A.D.O. ft. Movado


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this joint is truly dope. go get that!

D/Will & Dominique Larue-Carpe(FreEP)

Nitty Scott, M.C.-Deep Cover Freestyle

I love Female Rappers

Rapsody-I'm Ready ft. Heather Victoria

Talking Fly Episode #5